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Kenny Goh
08th November 1990

He said,

One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn't pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hey Everybody!>
how's ur day going?..
Mine?. just started hahah.
Because i just woke up.
Well, today is wednesday.
i got test but i cant make it today.
one thing is that i woke up late cant make it for the test.
second thing is that my grandfather was admitted to hospital yesterday.
OOOhhh GOSh!...
so i changed the date of the test to 15th Feburary 2008.
one day after Valentine Day!... hahah.
hopefully everything goes fine.
Tmr thursday le i got to work!...
So sian!. i applied off for moday,tuesday and wednesday!.
very tired. so i got myself sometime to rest.
Chinese New Year coming!.
Ang Pao!... YAY!...
Anyway yesterday i was in the bus and i saw this news on the paper...

Edison Chen & Gillian Chung Sex Scandal Photos?(in chinese)

WOW!. what a shocking new to me!...
Edison is so handsome, so cool.
But cant expect him to this this kind of stuff!...
So unpredictable.
think TUM TUM will be very sad.
Coz Edison Chen is her IDOL!...
well this is the link to the photos.

pic 1 http://www.szqqmm.com/gill2008/

pic 2 http://www.szqqmm.com/bobo2008/

enough of gossiping hahah.
well enjoy your day guys!...
hope you have a great day ahead!.
may god bless you.

peepintomyblog.BS.com 1/30/2008 01:11:00 PM

Monday, January 28, 2008

Im back for
more actions. hahah.
what a thing to say!>
so sorry for not blogging for so da
mn long long long time.
have been slack-ing around, emo-ing around, happy-ing around singapore. hahah.
Currently im working at Plaza Singapura at Samuel and Kevin (S&K).
but i changing job soon hopefully.
want to work in ADIDAS.
i have sent my resume le, now waiting for their reply.

all thanks to sista walla for introducing me. hahah.

Got back my 'O' level result.
luckily i was mentally and physically prepared.
if not i really dun know what will be my reaction on that day.
The moment i went in the hall, like time really passed so fast.
i thought it was all a dream.
it just happened so sudden.
so quick! so fast!.
i didnt even have time to look at all my friends and teachers carefully.
and out of the blue, the result slip landed on my hand.
i looked at it and at the moment my mind is totally empty..
i asked yaya to calculate L1R4 for me.
L1R4 31.
gosh!.what am i going to do next??
that is the first thing that appeared on my mind.
but all i can tell myself is that all that time point of time i had tried my best to study all i could.
i have tried all my very best to squeeze all the tiny words in the textbook into my very small brain.
i have tried my very very best to read for understand.
that is why i can still smile when my beloved friends ask me about my result.
i knew i will do badly for my 'O'.
i am prepared to recieve this kind of result.
Actually, i should be thankful for lord that i can finished my 'O'.
I should be thankful that lord gave my the chance to study.
Now when i started to work i realised how difficult it is to earn that pathetic one dollar.
Now i know study is still the best choice of all.
Maybe you guys will say that i have wasted the chance to get myself to poly.
Yes indeed, i have wasted a precious chance.
But i will work hard in the future and earn big bucks.
I have registered my school and courses today.
is ITE really that bad??.
i put hairdressing as my first choice.
that is second choice when i was getting my 'N' level result.
i told myself if i fail my 'N' i will take up the hairdressing course.
but in the end, i passed my 'N'.
But now that is also my second path of road in my tertiary education.
My first choice is Private Diploma.
I want to take up the Diploma in Tour and Tourism.
I recieved a call from the guy and he informed me that i am allowed to take the test.
well you all will be like huh? what test?.
Well, the requirements to enter to that course is 5 'O' level credits.
But i only got two, so i have to take a test in order for me to get into the course.
i have made the appointment.
Is on wednesday, 2pm.
my god!. so nervous.
I scared i cant make it for that test.
May god bless me.
I realy want to get into that course.
My god!.
can i make it?...
really dun know.
But lord will decide my fate still.
What i can do now is PRAY hard!..

i want to thanks Auntie Yen for all the time she spent with me and encourage me.
She is the one who stopped me from quitting school. She is the one who stay by my side when i having family problems and stuff.
really thanks her a lot a lot a lot.

and also not forgetting my friends..
thanks for all the courage you all have given me when im in my most darkest part of my seventeen life.
thanks for always be there whenever i asked you guys out.
i had a lot of fun.
Wish you guys will succeed in future.
may god be with you.

To Weiwen,
remember what i have told you that day.
Really!, take some time to sit down and think.
use your brain to think.
what are you going to do in the future?
really jockey??.
i dun know.
i have given you all my thoughts and advice.
the rest is depend on you.
but whatever you do i respect your decision.
may god be with you.

i changed my blogskin and added new songs.
Celine Dion Latest Hits-Taking Chances
Delta Goodrem single Hit-In This Life

Photos time!.
you guys have not seen my picture on peepintomyblogspot.com for a long time le bah.
well, sorry!.
here you go!..

me and sebas.

peepintomyblog.BS.com 1/28/2008 10:26:00 PM