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Kenny Goh
08th November 1990

He said,

One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn't pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.

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Friday, February 29, 2008

just bathed.
stayed out for like 2 days!
was with someone special..
i had think hard and open my heart hard.
well, many things happened for the past two days.
something that make my life changed.
this time is not going to be like last time.
no clubbing and no smoking.
is jus all about my friends, my loved one and my family.
This time not going to allow external factors to destroyed it.
This time im more prepared.
I have my friends. my loved one and my family beside me.
so this is going to be a good starting.

it take 3 seconds to have a crush on someone.
it take 3 minutes to fall in love with someone.
it take 3 days to be with that someone.
it take 3 years to forget that someone.

well, is true.
falling in love with someone is easy,
but forgetting someone is hard.
it take a lot of time to do that.
and also take a lot of time to recover yourself be it emotionally or physically.

you need to be very careful and wise to make the decision whether to be with that someone.
once you chosen him you had to be responsible for everything.
it need a lot of time, trust, patient, faithful-ness, sacrifices, give and take and compromise.
is not a easy thing to do.
even everybody can named all these but not many people can do these.
even they can named it but not do it.
As Action speak louder than Words.

went out with rups and kat!.
We went to pastamania for dinner.
We ate our dinner there now had our chit chat.
i miss the past in class.
we gossip everything that exist in this world.
we had fun on our lovely classroom with the music and the screaming by the GIRLS~
we chat about our relationship, our life, our work, our family and our everything.
we simply chat about everything we are doing now.
After dinner, we went to TCC to have dessert.
had fun there.
we were like talking about the oversea outing for us.
we want go to KOREA.
my god! KOREA!!!.
is definitely a nice place.
is definitely a very culture place.
is definitely a very very fun place.
is definitely a very very very worth place.

our DINNER!.


after few days, i went to sentosa with my lovely cousin, Sandra for the interview thingy.
hope everything goes fine,
i want to work in tourism industry.
i wan to do something with tourism.
Sista, tum tum and me going to tourism studies is our dream.
but we cant entered becos of the high cut off points.
but anyway did took a lot of photos.

to Rups darling!.
darling i know today is thurday.
is extremely fast and shocking when that time you heard the news.
i was shocked too.
is jus too fast for you.
how fate can bring you guys together.
i really wan to see this!
darling dun be sad ok i know is hard to accept it but no matter what im here for you.
is really hard to forget someone you love a lot.
but remember if you cant dun force yourself just let time heal everything ok?
i am sure he will be back one day!
even he's far from you but love bring you two close together in ur heart.
missing him is a gift from god.
is so much better than you lose him totally.
at least there's happy memories and happy moments for you to miss.
be thankful for what you have and you will get more of it in return.
dun be sad. i will always be there and i love you!.

anyway i had great fun with them.
my frens and cousin.
so happy!>

peepintomyblog.BS.com 2/29/2008 01:03:00 AM

Sunday, February 24, 2008

guess where am i now?.
well, im at my own home with my ah ma.
wake up at 11am to come back home.
felt that no matter where i am, home is still the best place on earth.
using the computer that i have not touched for like 6 months.
now looking at it, not very used to the monitor out of the blue im facing a screen that is so much bigger than the laptop's screen.
as at the other home im using the lappy la so not very used to the big screen kind.

my younger bro is at home too.
just dun know why after all the things happened, my younger bro and me have stop communicating with each other.
i understand. maybe he is still angry with me or smth else.
i just cant figure out.
maybe he's thinking that y big bro can do whatever he wan and not me.
think this is smth called jealousy.
i have been discussing with auntie yen about this topic for quite some time.
there's many thing he can be thinking but im not thinking.
since young, he is a very intelligent kid very smart very cunning at times but he is a very sensitive and petty fellow.
he can get fed up if i dun share with him a sweet when we are young.
that's his character.

auntie yen asked me not to get angry with him or what.
cos he is the most innocent party.
the conflicts between me and my family end up he is suffering also for no good reason.
well, he need time to cool down himself and also getting stable in emotional and physically.
maybe is true that time will prove everything.
how i wish i can talk to him like the past.
sing together, fight with each other over the computer and stuff.
hahah. when i think about it, is just so funny.

even though my younger bro and me are siblings but we dont look like each other, we like completely different kind of stuff, his studies is so much better off than me and WE ALWAYS FIGHT. heheh.
he is studying in river valley high and im studying in queensway going ITE.
he in the special stream and im in the NA stream.
he go straight to 'A' level without taking 'O' and i need to take 'N' then to 'O'.
how like that?.
it just seems like he's the big bro and im the younger bro.
that's how life is.
what to do.

but really hope i can talk to him again.
i think i really need to stable down my life first be4 going into other stuff.
luckily he's understanding and willing to wait for me.
once again, thank a lot!.

this is what life is about.
Problems come after one and you have to solve it one by one.
without friends and family who is supporting me i dun think i can continue this life.
i dun think i can make it till today me.

tmr going for medicial checkup.
hope everything in my body doing fine.
may god bless me nothing will happen to me.

peepintomyblog.BS.com 2/24/2008 02:14:00 PM

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hi people!.
im so glad today.
many people message me and tag me asking whether im ok a not?
im just so happy that there's still people around me concerning about me.
i went to wei wen's house today.
play mahjong with nigel(wei wen's brother), ah png, wei wen and me.
before that went to orchard with wei wen and ah png.
actually was at town for the job interview at the Crumpler-wheelock place thingy but then the person in charge didnt work today so nochoice got to go back there on monday.

so after that we went to shaw house and have Subway for Lunch.
for me is breakfast and lunch.
it was a long time since i ate Subway le.
after that went to her house and played mahjong.

anyway i want to wish Tum Tum happy birthday.
wa! 18 years old le. so fast lo.
i still got 9 more months to go. sian.
good lo can watch M18 show liao hor.
want to wish you a happy 18th birthday.
hope you succeed in everything you do.

to RUPS darling!.
hey darling! dun be depressed about the NIE and the chinese studies thingy.
even though you missed the appeal date but dun be depressed.
you are only 17.
there's a lot of time for you to do whatever you wan.
remember you girls dun have N.S but we guys do have.
so dun be sad. finished up your course that you have been posted to and finished it off.
at least the course that you were posted to is something to do with tourism.
you should be glad.
then after that course you can go study the NIE thingy or chinese studies also can.
when you are out in the society you have one more qualification than others.
so there will be more choices of jobs for you to choose.
girl, dun worry everything will go smoothly.
just prepared yourself for the future.
and one more important thing is i will always be there for you.
kk dun worry le just get yourself prepared and we will fight for our future together ok?.
love you. heheh.

Life is like a empty dairy.
when you born in this world your life is empty.
parents are there to filled your dairy with words.
they are there to guide you to the correct path.
as you grow older, freedom and responsibility will be given to you to handle yourself.
is like your own life dairy is handled to you and now you are to filled it with beautiful vocabularies.
it is not a easy task.

i know the journey ahead of me will be tough.
very very tough.
but no matter what i will still carry on with all my friend's faith and believe in me inside my heart.
i dun wan to let them down.
i dun wan to ley my family down.
i dun wan to let my loved one down.
i have been through a lot indeed.
most of it alone.
so i know how the life ahead of me is going to be.
i will stay strong and believe again.

by the way, today is my first day of non-smoking day. hahah.
i never touch cigrattes today! yay!.
work hard all the way!.
jyjy kenny. you can do it.

peepintomyblog.BS.com 2/23/2008 12:29:00 AM

Friday, February 22, 2008

hey guys and girls!.
jus bathed finished.
went out with sista, wei wen, rups darling, vanessa and keith(vanessa's gf).
i had a great day today.
today is the day i really found my own self with the help by sista and rups darling.
thanks a lot for ur comments and encouragements and advices.
i really listened hard and think hard today.
finally, the OLD self that im searching for has been found.
really thanks you both for being there for me.
thanks for everything you have done for me.

to all my 512 friends out there,
i know at the 'O' level period i have changed completely.
changed into a totally new galvin-kenny that you all not known.
changed into a bastard a freak a guy that just leave you all in school and not spending the time with you guys together studying for 'O'.
changed into a very stubborn guy who dun care about all the advice and comments you have given me during that period.
and in the end i expected you guys to accept the changes in me.
im really very totally selfish at that time.
i didnt think about you guys at all.
i didnt feel bad even i have fly you guys de aeroplane.
remember from the start of our secondary 5 life we have agreed to one another no matter what happens we will still be together and finished the last year and the last lap together.
im so sorry i did not keep that promise.
i really like to thanks you guys for being so so so understanding and patient enough with me that you all tried all your means and best to accept my changes and not only that you all still never forget about me and whatever activities you guys have after 'O' level you all asked me to join in or out!.
i really very appreciate thaT.
SORRY guys for all my changes and not completing the last lap with you guys.
i have neglected all of you.
especially sista walla, stan, sharon, simon, kat, tum tum and all those who believe in me.
tum tum so sorry that for the last two months you have to spend the time in the classroom alone without anyone sitting beside you.
sorry stan for not calling you like we promise since we become best friend of all time, not there for you when you are emotionally and physically unstable.
so sorry sista walla for not completing the last lap with you and also pick up the bad habit that you dun wan me to learn you should know what.
sorry shar shar for not there to keep you laughing and smiling when you are down or stress.
so sorry simon that i choose not to talk to you.
so sorry kat for not be there to stay with you till our secondary five over.

i really wake up now.
it is jus like a dream.
finally the nightmares are over.
a new journey will begin soon.
new school, new environment, new friends!
but no matter what, i will not forget you guys you know.
remember! we are the best classmates, best pal, best class of all time.
thanks you guys for all the laughter, sadness and unhappiness you have brought to me.
it will always stay in my heart till i disappear in this world.
i sincerelly thank god for letting me know you guys.
all i can do now is i will pray for you guys.
pray the lord for blessing you guys in everything you do.

to sandra my lovely cousin.
dear girl,
sorry for neglected you at that point of time.
sorry for not asking you out, sorry for not calling you and tell you what happened, sorry for all the hurt i brought to you.
so really sorry.
you are my best best cousin i ever had.
remember! we are not only cousin we are also best friend, you are my best girlfriend, bestmates, best playing mates.
i love you.

to rups darling.
thanks for all the advices, comments and encouragements you have given me.
i really appreciate that a lot.
dun worry about the ITE stuffs le.
i will always be there for you when you need me.
even though you cant appeal to polytechnic, dun worry!.
cos whatever happen i will be the first one there to help you, to be with you and to advice you.
thanks a lot, darling!.
love you!

to sista walla!.
thanks for always be there for me.
thanks for being so patient with me.
sorry for all the disagreements we have in the past.
you are the best sista i ever got.
thanks for everything you do for me.
i owned you too much le.
just dun know how to repay you.
i know what you wan from me.
i will show it to you.
thanks sista!. love you.

to stan!.
hey bro!.
i really owned you a lot too.
thanks for all the help you have given me.
thanks for helping me to solve everything when i need help.
you are just like my real brother.
sorry for all the hurt i have given you.
but no matter what i wont forget you man.
remember what i have told you.
brothers forever!
love you!.

anyway guys!
tell ya a good news!.
i remembered the old galvin dun smoke.
he not only dun smoke he also hate SMOKERS!.(sista that doesnt mean that i hate you)
now i want to be the old galvin back but not only that i want to be better than the old galvin.

hey ****.
remember what i have told you.
really hope that things will be like the past.
i know it will never happen.
but i will try my best to change.
im sorry about the past.
really very sorry.
hope things will start afresh.
thanks for the chance.
i will not let it go to the drain again.
no more childish games and hurt le.
now is the real game and the future.
fate is control by you but not fate control you.

guys!. thanks a lot for everything you have done for me.
really really appreciated that.

peepintomyblog.BS.com 2/22/2008 03:03:00 AM

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Suddenly felt so EMO!.
feel like im not myself.
this is not i wan!.
i know i have changed a lot a lot a lot.
now the life im leading is not the life i want to lead.
now im alone in the room.
listening to Spell by Marie Digby.(thanks to simon's blog)
i loved that song.
called darling just now wanted to tell her something.
suddely, i miss someone badly.
really very bad.

i want the time to go back to the past.
i want to be like the past.
i wan the CUTE CHEERFUL INNOCENT old me.
im like under a SPELL.
out of the blue, felt so lonely, so scared about the future, so helpless.
i hate myself for being in this totally unknown person.
now i can blame the surrounding the people around me changed me.
but the real truth is im to blame for all the changes in me.
not the surrounding the people around me.
is i allowed myself to change.

can someone please guide me?.
guide me into my old me?.
i know it cant happened.
just leave me alone.
i want to be quiet.
i dun wan to talk much.

what a life i have now.
all because i let everything change me.

peepintomyblog.BS.com 2/19/2008 07:55:00 PM

Hey Guys Im back again with more lifestory of my own.
well, i got the course that im posted to ???.
Hair Fashion and Design.
well, actually im fine with it.
but i want to appeal for banking services.
well, recently was mad about this course.
or maybe hospitality operations with my darling rups.
tmr i will go and appeal.
hope i can get in.
If cant then sob sob got to continue the hair fashion and design.
i miss son.
wonder how is he at melbourne?
he's studying at australia de art school.
well, he is a very talented guy.
especially in art.
he GCE 'N' and 'O' level art piece are favourite nice.
one of my favourite hahah.
wish him all the best!...
quite sad that he is leaving for further studies.
but is for his own good.

to simon!
hey!. study hard ok?
must come back to see us hor.
we will be waiting!.
i have enjoyed the past three years as classmates with you not just classmates but is family! hahah.
even though i dun know whether you will peep into this blog but i jus wanna say you are always a good 'son' to me.hahah.
sometimes during the past three years there were some disputes between you me and mummy-kat, but no matter what we r forever classmates, friends and family.
even though we are not blood related kind but i jus wan to say that i always treat u as my best friend best classmates i ever had and best son.
we all have been through a lot for the past three years we all have grown up a lot. but no matter what CANNOT forget me and mummy ah. hahah.
hope we can see you soon.
all the best at melbourne.
we will miss you.
got time come back and visit ur 'parents' hor.
come back liao kat's mummy will bake you her 'poison' cookies.heheh.
remember the promise we both made!.
i will keep the promise.
may god bless you.
take care.

this is my first time of my 17th life that one of my friend is leaving for further studies.
this feeling is bad really.
kinda sad but also happy for him cos not many people can go overseas to study.
when he entered in, my heart was like kinda sad very sad.
was hugging rups at that time.
both of us were like tears rolling down on our cheeks.
well, SIMON i wish you all the best.
take care.

went to kat's house for dinner a few days before the send off for simon.
she invited me, jas, stan, rups, tum tum, yaya and her bf to her house to helped her clear her fridge. hahah.
had a great time there.
then after that went to watched sweety todd.
a totally disguisting show.
for the whole movie me, rups and stan were screaming and eeewwwwing.
anyway saw quite a number of movies.
very satisfied with the slam dunk by jay chou!!.
he's so cute and shuai. hahah.
was smiling for the all movie. heheh.

im currently not working!
no money le.
wei wen ah pls go find job la.
say want to work together but then u everyday stay at home msn how to work???.
ah yo!.

school starting on april!.
how like that!.
so fast lo.
tmr got to go back school take my testimonial.
sian lo.
from yishun go to queenstown.
wei wen going with me hahah.

stan tmr start school le.
i know he is very nervous about it and also some personal stuff.

to stan!.
well, remember what i have told you.
jus be urself. things will be fine there.
we will always be there for you.
you can always call us.
hahah. wish you good luck.

my god! tmr going to appeal.
dun know whether can appeal a not.
cos i failed my math.
but dun worry! i will retake my o level math again this year.
dun believe that my math standard is so slow E8!!!!.
may god bless me!.
so scared about tmr!.
wish myself good luck!>...
jus called rups she meeting me tmr hahah..
yay!.. meeting my darling tmr!.

Picture time?!..
all the photos that i have taken for all the activities that i went out with my frens.

peepintomyblog.BS.com 2/19/2008 04:38:00 PM