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Kenny Goh
08th November 1990

He said,

One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn't pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

back to blogger.com.
just woke up.
very tired.
work ends at 2am ytd.
then slack with tum and luanne at the mac.

well, had two weeks of fantastic time in my new school and with my newly made friends.
what i can say about my newly made friends is that we are just so click.

we can talk about whatever topic exists in this world.
just fall in love with them for that particular reason.

my prayer was answered.
Higher nitec in Hospitality Operation.
yap! they called me.
i was told that they have a vacancy for me and required me to go for the interview.
at that point of time, im so bloody shocked.
im like thinking is this a joke?
why god want to answer my prayer at this point of time?.
when im already carry on my life with the fact that i entered to Hair Fashion and Design and everything seems like going very smoothly.
and there POP!
i have chance to get into HPO.
after two weeks of school, i have fallen deeply in love with my course HFD.
so interesting.
so fun.
so cool.
maybe is because now mainly im doing more to hands on.
is so different from secondary school.
went for the interview ytd.
im like so called accepted by them.
they were pleased with my answers in whatever questions they asked me. they asked me to wait for their call for more details about the course.
i think through extremely hard for the past three days, i think.
couldn't give myself an answer yet!.
something in me is delaying me.
something in me is pulling me away.
something in me stop me from answering.
something in me really very confused about the things i want.
i realized that i dun really know myself well enough.
i dun know what i want. i dun know what i want in my future.
im interested in both of the courses.
i just dun know what to choose. advices, guidances has already given to me but i still cannot make the decision yet.

peepintomyblog.BS.com 4/26/2008 01:54:00 PM

Saturday, April 12, 2008

yesterday was Queenway Secondary School's Speech Day.
i reached there at about 6.30pm.
as usual, the last one to arrived.
luckily just in time to see my best pal to go on stage to get his well deserved award.
very very happy for him.
then after everything that will be like 8pm think so,
didnt really watch out for the time.
due to the performances and sista, stan and yaya so busy with the food.
we went to tiong bahru for our dinner.
we were discussing about where shall we go for our dinner.
then, conclusion is KFC!.
the place where is so common, so popular among the kids and teenagers.
the place that all people will definitely visit over and over again because of their famous fried chicken.

why we chose that place?
all because of their DEEP FRIED CRISPY CHICKEN.
if you are health conscious person, you will be like OMG!. the one piece of chicken that filled with plenty of oil can increase your cholesterol, blood pressure and FATS!.
you will have to run on the treadmill for like 15 to 20 minutes to get rid one of piece of that chicken.
but because yesterday we met up together, we dun bother about the fats that the chicken will filled up in our body.
after eating we went to an open area and chatted for quite a long time.
everyone was so happy.
the smile on the face.
i miss this very moment.
in the past, we will get to see these happy faces very often.
but now after we graduated from school, we are busy with our own stuffs.
so chit chatting, meet up session and everything has decreased a lot.
but at least im glad that our friendship is still holding on strongly.
and i found out one thing from them that MRS KUMAR IS VIEWING OUR BLOG!.
and we were like OMG!.

to Mrs Kumar(if you are viewing this blog).
hi Mrs Kmuar, welcome to peepintomyblog.blogspot.com
the owner of this blog is Kenny Goh used to known as Galvin Goh.
one of your student in Queensway Secondary School.
welcome welcome.
from here, you will find out about some of my daily life after Graduate from the school.
so glad that you still concern about us.
i really appreciate that.
hope you will continue viewing our blog and take care of yourself.
may god bless you.
if you dun mind, can tag us at our tagboard.
we can communicate with you through the tagboard.
as you know one thing is FREE.
so tag more often.

monday is coming.
new environment, new experiences, new mates and everything.
im wondering what kind of friends am i going to meet when im in that school?
maybe i will be meeting some freaky classmates or some AP(attitude problem) friends.
well, those who know kenny aka galvin well, i dun entertain those who show me attitude.
so well i will simply ask them to **** off.
pardon me for the vulgarities i used.
hope everything will be fine on monday!.

please please, dun let me see ya again.
i really hate the ons and offs thingy.
if time could turn back, i hope we are neither friend nor stranger.

peepintomyblog.BS.com 4/12/2008 01:32:00 PM

Friday, April 11, 2008

Queensway Secondary School.
the place i visited for five consecutive years for my secondary education.
the place i took my GCE 'N' Level & 'O' level examination.
the place i made all the friends i have now.
the place full of all kinds of memories.
the place that can be so called my second home.
the place that my favourite food was born. Stall 5 chicken noodle.
the place i found my interest in.
all and almost everything happened and born in this school.
i will be going back there later.
to see my best pal, stan to get his award.
his' hard-earned' award.
so happy for him.
we have been through almost everything together.
is like i have seen him growing up as everyday passed in our secondary education.
and now he will be going on the stage to get his award.
is like finally my best pal grown up and he really work his butt off to get the award.
seen the process he been through.
the process he face all the difficulties and pull through all of them.
so happy for him.
i really treasure this friendship with him.
i thank god to let me know him.
really thank god.
he taught me a lot of things that i have never experienced before.
he offered me his help countless of times.
really very appreciate all he has done for me.
thank you so much.
later i will get to see my ex-classmates.
the place we started off as strangers and now the place we meet each other as friends at the same old place Queensway Secondary School.
thank god for letting me to have this bunch of crazy little friends.
i appreciate a lot and really treasure them all.

went to vivo ytd night with rups darling.
we went there to get our shoes for school.
fortunately, ytd we got our shoes.
so we walked around vivo later at clothes and chit chatting all the way.
went to food junction for our dinner.
then after went to daiso.
walked around and rups darling got some little thingy for herself.
we went to our all time favourite spot.
the sea view.
at that point of time it is windy.
the wind blowing against our fresh and gentle skin.
we started chatting about our little daily experienced and about some of our little secrets.
we felt the same.
the feeling, the heart beat thingy, the atmosphere.
and to our surprise, stan called.
we chatted all three together.
even though stan is not there with us but we communicate with our hearts.
the sea view and everything.
even though he is not there but i know he can imagine the place we are.
then after that we walk around.
one familiar faces from the same school.
me and rups had fun talking and laughing about the things we commented.
what a ???.
rups darling's bus came and home sweet home.

peepintomyblog.BS.com 4/11/2008 01:14:00 PM

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

four more days!.
school starting real soon.
Reporting time:9pm.
Attire:white top with collar, black bottom and covered shoes.
and you know what, i found a person i know to accompany me to school.
he is taking higher nitec in info com.
so will be attending the same school as me.
yay!. found someone who is going to the same school as me.
so the journey to school on monday wont be that boring.
thank jason!.
im quite nervous for monday.
is like totally new experience for me.

this week.
quite a boring week.
everyone that im close to starts school.
everyday im stuck at home.
actually being left alone isnt so bad.
i have been spending time reading the harry potter book.
especially at night.
when i totally have nothing to do and the time is too early for me to sleep.
i will read the book till i fallen asleep.
have been liking the thinking of going out alone.
maybe im bored alone till mad.
going back to queensway this friday.
going back to see stan and ming to take their award.
then after that going to kbox most probably.
it has been a long time since i listen to sista sharon and stan sing le.
quite miss their singing honestly.

life is really getting boring these days.
dun know why.
maybe i should start my revision for O le.
not maybe is must.
i must start revision for O before is too late.
kenny or galvin!,
jia you, jia you!.
you can do it!.

everyone close to me seem like having problems regarding relationship, friendship, life...
i know is hard to go through the process and everything.
but dun give up everyone.
be strong!.
believe in yourself.
forgive everything that's happening to you and forget.
pray hard.
and everything will be fine.
come on, my friends!.
take care of yourself well.
and hope to see you guys soon.

peepintomyblog.BS.com 4/09/2008 01:12:00 PM

Monday, April 07, 2008

school starting soon.
ytd went to Expo.
there's a popular sales thingy there.
went there to stock up everything i needed for school this coming monday, the 14th.
so fast!.
i bought quite a number of stuffs.
A big Planner.
One big box of Correction tape.
Five Lecture Pad that come in one pack.
One pack of Sticky Paper. you know those yellow paper.
Two encouragement Poster that i plan to stick on the wall.
A notebook.
Two pack of eraser.
Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows book. 7 that cost 19.90.
can you see how cheap ytd the sales was.

i left only a week to school reopen.
was at home the whole morning and afternoon.
i plan to go out at night to get my room light thingy.
then walk around alone for a while then home sweet home.

i need to learn to be more independent.
i need to go through time when im alone.
everybody going to school soon.
im the only one who is going to ITE-simei.
the rest of them are going to ITE-clementi.
im alone once again.

peepintomyblog.BS.com 4/07/2008 04:59:00 PM

Friday, April 04, 2008

nothing happen.
nothing serious.
nothing scary.

just a small little thingy growing inside me.

went to the doctor, realized is not what i thought.
i was grateful, lucky and happy to hear that.
thank god for blessing me.
but still got to go back for check up to ensure that the small little thingy inside me wont grow or develop into some kind of disease or cancerous cell. hahah.
at least now i can run without anything on my back. :-)
felt much relieved.

school's starting soon.

new adventure, new friends and new environment is coming to invade my life soon.
i got to be ready and prepare for it.

i miss my friends.
now everybody seems to be very busy with their own stuffs.

Lesser communication with one another.
Lesser time with one another.
Lesser relationship with one another.
are we still going to contact with each other?.
i asked myself that.
i told myself no matter what i will do my part as a friend.
i will still stay in touch with my friends.
but the other party also need to put in effort.
no comments.


feel like singing.
sing to my heart out once again.
but when?.

my cousin San San going to Japan today.
she's leaving town today.
11 plus de flight.
what a good life she has.
well San San have all your fun there.
remember to buy me thing ah.
take photos of everything there.
have fun! enjoy!.

peepintomyblog.BS.com 4/04/2008 04:41:00 PM