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08th November 1990

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One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn't pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

very emo these days.
something is missing from my heart, my body and my life.
maybe i misses my grandma a lot or maybe im missing ____.
im not used to not having granny at all.
i felt that i really need her accompany in my life.
is really hard to see your loved one to be in pain.
i remembered clearly that after the operation, i went to visit her after my school.
she was lying down on the bed without making any noise nor movements.
she is just lying down like a doll.
i pushed open the door and the vision of her is so mush clearer.
both of her arms were inserted with small little pipes.
when i saw it, my heart really shattered into millions of pieces.
at that point of time i really wanted to cry, but i didnt.
maybe i just scared that granny will wake up and saw that im crying.
that is the first time in my whole life that she never talk to me.
i could tell that she is very tired.
the images of her lying on the bed without talking to me really make my heart aches.
but now, she is just fine.
visited her yesterday night.
she is so much better now compared to that day after the operation.
she can talk, move about on the bed.

will update more pictures again.
something wrong with the blogger AGAIN.
cant upload photos.
will upload it another day.
btw, i change my blogskin.
a simple and not so boi boi one.
hope you guys like it.
got to go school now,
late for lessons liao.
cutting live model's hair today.
hope everything will goes smoothly.

peepintomyblog.BS.com 5/29/2008 09:08:00 AM

Sunday, May 25, 2008

this weekend was fun.
friday i had class bbq, saturday went out with my lovely cousin, kelvin lee, jian ming, and nicholas.
took a lot of photos.
went to visit my grandma ytd.
the room was filled with people.
yesterday was really fun.
dance for like 4 hours.
didnt know i can do that.

after the bbq, me kelvin lee , jian ming and sandra went downtown east to suntan.
finally, im out in the sun!.
i miss the sky, the sun and the wind!.
but the sun was not out when we were there.

to kelvin lee, nicholas and jian ming:
hey! thank guys for the fun yesterday night.
it was really a memorable one.
we will go again right?.
you guys have a nice rest and see ya in school on monday!!!>.

Photos time!.

me N kelvin lee.

me N jian ming.

me at downtown east suntaning.

kelvin lee!!!!!!!!!!!!

me N my cousin zi lian-ing in the hospital.

me, my granny N sandra.

at cherry's house.

peepintomyblog.BS.com 5/25/2008 02:04:00 PM

Friday, May 23, 2008

Im back!
updated my playlist.
the songs available are
Longer by David Archuleta
Footprints in the sand.
have you all watched american idol???
David cooks won!.
i want DAVID ARCHULETA to win.
but i think no matter who is the winner, archuleta will have his own record album.
his singing is great.
and the most shocking of all is he is just only 17.
well, today is friday! TGIF!.
i will be having class bbq at cherry's house.
now at home waiting for Michelle they all to call me.

today's practical was fun.
we did shampooing, treatment and styling.
the things im learning now is completely different from secondary school.

i received a message from Rups darling yesterday.
to rups darling:
i know you miss him too.
same goes to me.
i told myself if love really ends this way i rather not loved anybody.
i jus suddenly become emo because of you know who.
i know you too.
dun worry!.
you have decided the decision so dun look back.
head forward.
look forward.
im sure we will have a good future ahead of us.
everyone in this world is unique.
maybe we may look alike, sound alike but
we dun look or sound alike in our emotions, character.
be strong!
i will always be there.:-)

to kelvin:
dun be so emo la.
maybe now you are having emotional crisis.
but dun worry! me and Michelle are always there for you.
we will find you back!. MUHAHAHAH. :-)

my granny going to hospital tomorrow morning.
she injured her leg.
im so worried for her.
she's going to have a major operation on this coming monday.
hope everything will be fine.
these few days, i spent more time with her.
she kept telling me to eat well, sleep well.
i felt like crying suddenly.
i dun know why?.
she asked me to visit her if im free.
she told me that she wants to faster go for operation and faster discharged because she scared no one will look after me when she away in the hospital.
before she even think for herself that she going to operation on monday, she thought of me.
i love her so much.
im just so scared that something will happen to her.
im just so scared that im not used to staying at home without seeing her.
i dun want to.
i want her to be by my side to take care of me.
even at times she can be very naggy but i still love her.
now i just hope everything will be fine for her.
i will pray hard.

Pictures time!.

3 best pals in class!
Michelle, Me and Kelvin Lee.

before i went to school, zi lian yi xia. hahah.

went out with Michelle and Kelvin to kbox till 6am in the
before going out i zi lian again.

isnt this cute! see kelvin lee!!!

think i should stop here le.
see you guys again!
may god bless you.

peepintomyblog.BS.com 5/23/2008 04:01:00 PM

Sunday, May 18, 2008

back for more action once again.
Basically, i have been very very busy with my school work and work.
school is fun.
my newly made friends are so damn bloody MAD!.
me and my friends were out on our second outing WITHOUT school uniform.
have you notice something different?
so regretted it.
i prefer my long hair.
this post is short and simple.
to let my beloved friends how im doing in school and outside school.
i miss you guys so damn much!.

to rups, stan and kat!.
HEY GUYS!. im waiting for 06/06/08.
BUNK IN!. yay!.
see you guys then.
miss you guys a lot.

ok! photos time!
this is jonathan and me.

this is Sze yin and me.

This is our beautiful Nicholas and me.

this is Cherry and me.

my zi-lian photos.

this is my best pal in class. Kelvin Lee and me.

this is Michelle and me.

cherry and me.

our class AH BOI.

shit! i forgotten her name.

our group photo.

Michelle and me.

Sze Yin and me.

This is SiJun and me, of course.

i love this pic so much.

my OLd HAIr.

this is our school's hairLAb that is only for HAIR FASHION AND DESIGN students.
cool right?

peepintomyblog.BS.com 5/18/2008 05:27:00 PM